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I'm Audrey - the functional medicine copywriter and SEO nerd

No one told you that clients would be so dang hard to find. It's not that your services are bad, it's that people don't even know they exist!

Holistic health brands are just like any other brand, and that means they need marketing to grow.

The problem is, there aren't enough hours in a day for you to accomplish everything you need to!

That’s where I come in...

In your striving to serve others, your business has become stagnant...

When I started copywriting I noticed a lot of entrepreneurs in the functional medicine field didn’t have the time to create content and market themselves well.

As someone who's life has been impacted by holistic healthcare I realized I had a unique offer for this group. 

Wellness Words SEO Copywriting Studio is a way to serve health coaches and FMP's by growing their business and freeing up their time with SEO content creation. 

I help others in the holistic health industry craft their message and leave a legacy by impacting the people around them.

I write SEO content for health coaches and functional medicine practitioners so you have more time to run your business

Being your content automator that works - effortless SEO content served on a silver platter. 

my greatest priority is...

Your work can change lives. I want to be the catalyst to your success - it's personal for me (read more below). 

I believe that...

Get out of the slump and get found on Google by potential clients with search engine optimized copywriting for health coaches. 

my goal is to help you...

Wellness Words SEO Copywriting Studio bridges the gap between functional medicine practitioners and the people who need healing through copy that educates, informs, and entertains.

After graduation from college way back in 2019 with a degree in multimedia communication I promptly got married to my college sweet-heart. 

He was a Navy officer so I packed my bags and left for Naval Station Norfolk. 

I worked for a time in radio helping write and produce commercial spots. As much as I wanted to be the next Laura Ingraham, I quickly realized with my husbands career I would need to get creative if I wanted to work. 

Click-clack went the keyboard as I began copywriting for anyone and everyone. 

Life was great - until it wasn't. 

I was a D1 track and field athlete in college and  I sacrificed a lot of my health to be thinner and run faster. That poor health followed me like a shadow. 

Post-birth control syndrome, anemia, hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiencies....If you're a health coach I'm sure you've heard this story a million times. 

When I jumped into the world of holistic health I realized many brands were struggling to get their message to the public - that there ARE alternatives to conventional medicine.


A desire to go against the grain and personal health challenges are to blame.

How did I get here?

Graduate college ✔️ Get married ✔️ Start work in radio ✔️ Health declines ✔️


the early days

Hubby's deployed, pandemic hits, and I'm laid off from the radio... 
So I begin copywriting for logistics, home renovation, real estate, you name it! At the same time, my health declined but my Doc said I was in the "normal" range so I looked elsewhere for answers (a.k.a. functional medicine). 

Mid 2020

starting my business

Through my own health journey I realized more people need to know about the power of functional medicine! Healing the root cause and balancing my hormones changed my life. As a copywriter I had the power to get this message to the public and so Wellness Words was born. 

Late 2020

launched Wellness Words

Wellness Words has grown and changed over the years but our mission is the same - to write search engine optimized content about health that helps YOUR business grow so you can keep changing people's lives!


Writing seo copy for you

the timeline of how i got here

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The truth is you cannot solve your marketing woes through buying advertising space or posting 15-second Instagram reels every few days. 

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