I’ll help you build your brand as an authority in the industry with personalized content that converts, so you have more time to do what you do best: heal your patients.

Writing the words for your brand so you don't have to.

Functional Medicine Copywriting

Speak DIRECTLY to your audience with words that explain WHAT you offer, WHY they need it, and HOW it will change their lives.

‘Cause branding, marketing, and writing aren’t what you signed up for….But clients are, and getting them requires all three!

If you don’t get new clients you’re not really doing the whole inspiring health and wellness thing, right?

What if you could end the battle with unclear messaging and market your integrative practice well?

Hold up.

  • According to Hitwise, 68% of consumers start their mobile health research with a search engine.
  • A survey commissioned by doctor.com found that four out of five respondents have used the internet to make a healthcare-related search in the past year.
  • That same study revealed that 63% of all the respondents will choose one provider over another because of a strong online presence.
  • According to Pew Research, 72% of internet users say they looked online for health information of one kind or another within the past year.




You have a few options:

You can DIY-it and hope it reaches the right audience….

You can buy a template and hope it sounds like you….

You can learn all the nerdy conversion copywriting skills and hope you implement them right….

Or, you can work with a functional medicine copywriter to create custom, research-backed copy.

Create a brand that represents the health practitioner you know people are dying to find.

Listen, Your online brand is made up of words (aka copy), and it represents the story of your integrative medicine practice.

Your patients are online, are you?

Special functional medicine copywriting projects - here for what YOU need them to be. 

  • Website Copy  ✔ 
  • Social Media Captions  ✔ 
  • Ebooks / Opt-in's / lead magnets ✔ 
  • Email sequences  ✔  
  • Infographics  ✔  
  • Video scripts  ✔  
  • Newsletters   ✔ 
  • Copyediting  ✔ 
  • Sales kits / media kits  ✔  
  • And more! 

When your business needs copy from a functional medicine expert - 

Call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me I can't wait to hear my cell phone ring Kim Possible style. 

Functional Medicine Copywriting


— Chesca Y.
VA and social media manager for the health industry

I was so worried that hiring a copywriter would mean that they wouldn’t understand my brand and voice! Audrey not only knew how to write amazing website copy for me! She took my scrambled, confusing copy and streamlined it into a masterpiece.

* Total cost is determined by the scope of work 
Call to get a quote

$80 / Hour


+ One-on-one phone call to discuss the project and scope of work. 
+ Individualized quote based on the project. 
+ May be long-term contracts or one-time projects. 
+ Copy that reflects YOUR brand voice and speaks to your target audience. 
+ A copywriter who understands functional medicine 

what's included

Special functional medicine copywriting packages are based on an hourly rate. Each project  is unique and requires an individual quote based on the scope of work.

What's Inside...

You need to focus on what you do best - being a health coach! Leave the copy to yours truly.

I believe that...

Writing in broad strokes, confusing jargon, copy without a goal

I'm not about...

Research backed copy, functional medicine, speaking to your target audience, conversion + ROI

I'm all about...

What Makes This Different From Everything You've Tried Before

"She is an incredibly talented copywriter that writes consistent high-converting copy. Her work is top notch and she is reliable and prompt. I highly recommend Audrey for any of your business or copywriting needs!" - Mandy P. 

"Audrey has been an integral part of my health and wellness team for the last 2 years and she has been a tremendous support. "

Meet me here!

First, you should know this isn't a come one come all gig - I have a people, and those people are health and wellness entrepreneurs like you! I blame it on eight years of competitive running, from high school to college, and a degree in journalism. Words and wellness are my thing!

My goal is to help functional medicine practitioners by growing their business and freeing up their time with strategic search engine optimized content creation. 


I write the words for your health brand so you have more time for your mission.

I'm Audrey — your expert SEO copywriter for functional medicine.

let's get started

At the end of the project we can hop on another strategy phone call and brainstorm through any final questions you have. 

Project Recap

Whatever your project entails you'll receive copy from an industry expert. 

Expert functional medicine copy

Quotes are based on the needs of the project with your budget and business goals in mind.

A customized quote 

My time for as long as you need it to go over the in's and out's of your project and talk strategy. 

A one-on-one phone call

When you sign up for a copywriting project you're getting...

ok, let's recap!

Don't spend one more minute stressing about writing - hand over your health marketing headaches! 

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