Is Blogging Still Relevant? Seven Reasons a Health Blog Will Benefit Your Business

November 14, 2022

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I have a passion for alternative healthcare and love to nerd out over search engine optimization. Sip on some kombucha and browse my blog awhile won't you? 

I'm Audrey - Functional Medicine Copywriter + SEO Nerd

Is blogging still relevant?

This article will explain why blogging is still relevant and how to utilize a blog in today’s world. 

Here are the blog statistics for all the naysayers, blog haters, or anyone who doesn’t want to take my word for it. 

  • A 2019 study by Data Box, “The Shift in Your Content Marketing Mix: 25 Marketers On What’s Changed in 2 Years,” showed that 68% of marketers find blogging more effective than they did two years ago.
  • The popularity of the search term “blogging” on Google Trends has not declined over the past five years (it actually experienced a few increases in both 2020 and 2022). 
  • The number of bloggers in the US has increased from 27.4m in 2014 to 31.7 in 2020, according to Statista. 

The verdict? Blogging is not dead. 

Myths About Blogging 

Let’s talk about common blogging myths. 

  • Blogging is no longer profitable.
  • People don’t read blogs anymore.
  • Blogging has become too competitive.
  • Blogging has a low return on investment.
  • All the good niches have been taken.
  • Social media and video have killed blogging.

When you think of social media and the rise of TikTok and Youtube, it’s easy to believe some of these myths. To be sure, there is a shred of truth behind each myth.  

That’s because the old way of blogging is dead. 

Previously, blogging functioned as an online diary. People shared their day-to-day lives and connected with others in a way previously unimaginable. 

That changed as the market got saturated. 

Blogs done without any strategy or structure began to fail. Nowadays, a successful blog requires high-quality content, valuable information, a target audience, and optimization for search engines. 

Randomly putting your thoughts online may have worked ten years ago, but this blogging will not work today. 

Is Blogging Still Relevant? 

Let’s get back to the burning question: is blogging still relevant? As I said, it’s not dead; it has evolved. 

Here’s how blogging has evolved: People won’t read your blog just because they’re interested in your opinions. Online readers go to blogs to learn something new, educate themselves, or be inspired. 

If you can use your blog to do any of those three things, you can leverage the online stratosphere and profit from all the work you put into content creation. 

Further, blogging should be a key component of your marketing strategy for anyone wanting to make money online. It is a powerful tool worth spending time and effort to start. 

In fact, blogging is still one of the best opportunities to make money online! 

The Future of Blogging 

Seven reasons a health blog will benefit your business

Now is a great time to talk about the future of blogging. 

  1. Blogging is still a great way to make money online! 

Yes, you can still make money blogging. There are a few different ways you can earn money through blogging. It may be through affiliate sales, advertising income through a company like Mediavine, or marketing your online store/services with your blog posts. 

For anyone willing to put in the work and do things the right way, there is money to be made in the blogging industry 

  1. People still read blogs. 

I know there is so much hype about Youtube and video content. That doesn’t negate the fact that people still read blogs. Depending on which statistics you look at, the number of people who read blogs is between 60 and 80% of internet users. That’s not considering that there are 3.5 to 5.5 billion Google searches daily. Most people are reading blog articles without recognizing them as such!

  1. Blogging is a practical way to absorb information.

Blogs provide content in a quick, easy-to-digest manner. Some audiences would rather get their information from a 20-minute blog post versus an hour-long video. 

Google makes it easy to find relevant content, and with a well-written blog post, you can quickly skim to the most interesting content. More specifically, 73% of readers skim through content. In this era of information overload, quickly finding what you need is an advantage to blogging.

  1. Content marketing is growing. 

Content marketing is digital marketing that uses valuable and relevant content for marketing products and services. This content could include email newsletters, blog posts, and social media posts. The goal is to drive traffic to your website to score a sale. 

Ninety-three percent of marketers use blogging as part of their content marketing mix. 

  1. Internet use is growing. 

The internet constantly gets new users, which won’t change anytime soon. Ten years ago, only about 38% of the world’s population had access to the internet. As of 2021, about 65.6% of the global population had internet access, and the number is steadily rising.  

As more people get online, the demand for valuable content will continue to increase, especially in countries experiencing growth in internet users and younger and older generations who are beginning to use the internet more voraciously. 

  1. Restrictions on other platforms. 

Blogging is one of the best tools for your business because you own it. For example, many influencers and business owners use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to market their businesses. Unfortunately, these platforms have increased restrictions on content and usage. 

If your entire business is based on such platforms, you could lose what you built over many years at the click of a button. You lose your income, visitors, engagement, and sometimes your content.

Meanwhile, you own your website and the content you publish, which means you are in charge of what happens. 

  1. Blogs function as a content hub. 

While other platforms like Youtube may be seen as a threat to blogging, in reality, they are a boon. That’s because a blog can function as a content hub. 

As a blogger, you need to be more of a content producer rather than just a writer. Diversifying your content provides a better user experience, higher traffic, and higher conversion rates.  However, creating different types of content can be time-consuming. 

When you write a blog, you can: 

  • Pull content from it for social media posts
  • Use it as a video script for your Youtube channel
  • Embed videos in the blog post
  • Convert it into an infographic 
  • Use it as a springboard for a podcast 
  • And more! 

Health Blogs vs. Other Types of Blogs

A lot of people believe that blogging is too saturated and that there is already too much information online. That is not the case, especially for health blogs. 

There are opportunities for health coaches to utilize blogging as a marketing tool to grow their businesses.

Health blogging is a unique niche you can take advantage of based on your authority as a healthcare professional. 

Not only that, but using a health blog allows you to create a hub of information to send to your clients when they have questions like “what’s the best diet for Hashimoto’s” or “are there alternatives to hormonal birth control?” 

Over the last few years and for the foreseeable future, there has been a demand for alternative healthcare information. More and more people are turning online to find answers to their health questions. The rise of telemedicine also demonstrates that your audience is online. With a little bit of hard work and good content, your small businesses can find enormous benefits from blog traffic. 

Here is more proof that putting your health coaching business online is a good strategy: 

  • A survey commissioned by found that four out of five respondents have used the internet to make a healthcare-related search in the past year.
  • That same study revealed that 63% of all the respondents will choose one provider over another because of a strong online presence.
  • According to Pew Research, 72% of internet users say they looked online for health information of one kind or another within the past year. 

Work with an Expert SEO Blog Writer! 

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The next time someone asks you, “is blogging still relevant?” I hope you can provide a resounding yes! 

Until next time! 

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I have a passion for alternative healthcare and love to nerd out over search engine optimization. Sip on some kombucha and browse my blog awhile won't you? 

I'm Audrey - Functional Medicine Copywriter + SEO Nerd

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