Don't let all your hard work go to waste. You put in time writing the content. Make sure it pays rent with an SEO audit. 

Renew your content & Enhance User Experience with a strategy-driven audit

SEO Blog + Website Audit

Yes - you want to be on the right street (think keywords here).
But, search engine optimization is about more than using the right keywords. 

It's about the experience.

Your website is the equivalent of a brick-and-mortar storefront 

Let me tell you a secret

  • Does it bring leads to your website? 

  • How many client's have found you via a Google search? 

  • Are you reaching your target audience? 

  • Does your website and content stand out from your competitors? 

  • Is it easy to navigate? 

  • What are the aesthetics like? 

imagine all the content you've created.

Site issues might be preventing you from being found on search engines. At a glance, SEO looks easy - sprinkle some keywords here and there and BAM - you're in. 

The bottom line is that there is SO MUCH MORE involved.  You want your website to perform "harder, better, faster, stronger" (thanks Kanye).

In order for that to happen your sites backend as well as content need to be optimized.  

Even with all the hard work you've put into it

Want to know why your website isn't ranking on search engines? 

This comprehensive website audit includes:

  • A roadmap for a full website inspection.

  • Content audit and on-page optimization. 

  • Insights into present website performance and methods for improvement. 

  • Primary and secondary keywords to rank for in each blog post.

  • How to turn your website weaknesses into strengths for maximum ROI. 

  • An improved user experience!

SEO Blog + Website Audit


*$480 deposit due at signing of contract



+ broken links, backlinks, wonky internal links, site map issues, page display issues, duplicate content, title tag and meta length problems, 
+ Site speed analysis using Google's PageSpeed Insights  
+ Mobile display problems
+ Check for optimized images with descriptive alt text


Each website audit occurs over the course of four weeks and is divided into two different components: 

What's Inside...

+ Analyze content for readability, keyword density, duplicity.
+ Word count, sentence length, and type of content 
+ Check assigned tags or categories
+ Perform research on the top 2-3 target keywords for each web page and blog post. 


A healthy, user experience-driven website will serve you for years to come!

I believe that...

Confusing jargon that's hard to understand. Unnecessary metrics. Prices you can't afford.

I'm not about...

Using data to support decisions. Prioritizing the mobile experience. Incredible optimization so you show up on SERPS

I'm all about...

Why Choose Wellness Word's SEO Blog + Website Auditing Services?

"She is an incredibly talented copywriter that writes consistent high-converting copy. Her work is top notch and she is reliable and prompt. I highly recommend Audrey for any of your business or copywriting needs!" - Mandy P. 

"Audrey has been an integral part of my health and wellness team for the last 2 years and she has been a tremendous support. "

Meet me here!

First, you should know this isn't a come one come all gig - I have a people, and those people are health and wellness entrepreneurs like you! I blame it on eight years of competitive running, from high school to college, and a degree in journalism. Words and wellness are my thing!

My goal is to help functional medicine practitioners by growing their business and freeing up their time with strategic search engine optimized content creation. 


I write the words for your health brand so you have more time for your mission.

I'm Audrey — your expert SEO copywriter for functional medicine.

let's get started

A high-quality, perfectly optimized website for organic traffic!

Copyediting + SEO keyword research for each webpage! 

A Content SEO Audit

Detailed descriptions of everything that needs fixing and how to do it. 

A Technical SEO Audit

Know exactly what metrics we will look at to improve.

A comprehensive roadmap for website optimization.

When you sign up for an SEO blog + website audit you're getting...

ok, let's recap!

If you're looking for answer to your website's SEO woes - look no further! 

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